Quam C10 Series Ceiling Speaker


The Quam C10 Series Ceiling Speaker is an American-Made loudspeaker assembly with an 8” frame, 16W dual-cone loudspeaker, baffle, transformer and optional volume control.  This ceiling-mounted loudspeaker meets the needs of a broad range of interior paging or commercial background music reproduction systems.


A hard fiber “whizzer” cone provides extended high-frequency response with fine clarity, while the molded main cone provides excellent mid and low range frequency response.


The speaker frame is stamped steel with a black baked hybrid epoxy finish. The frame includes a factory-mounted transformer with color-coded tinned wires.


The speaker baffle of the Quam C10 Series is available in round and square models constructed of steel with a white baked hybrid epoxy finish.  Quam also offers models with round aluminum or plastic baffles.